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    RAG CO Bug Scrubber


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    RAG CO Bug Scrubber

    The Jersey Bug Scrubber is by far the most cost effective & safe to use bug scrubbing/eliminating tool for auto detailers.

    Product Details:

    • Easily and Effectively Traps Bug Guts, Tar and Foreign Matter in the Webbed Sponge During Use
    • Safe for All Finishes, Paints and Clearcoat
    • Perfect 4" x 6" Size + Slim Design Ensures Easy Access Working Around Tight Curves and Contours
    • Versatile Dual-Surface Detailing Tool - Soft Scrub Mesh on One Side + Soft Microfiber Terry-Weave (or Pearl-Weave) on the Other Side
    • Superior Results to Standard Sponges or Towels
    • Keep Handy & Ready to Use While Soaking in Your Cleaning Bucket
    • Low-Profile Shape Also Designed to Easily Scrub Dirty Dishes and Angled Surfaces
    • Lint-Free / Extra Absorbent
    • Excellent Choice for All Auto / Marine / RV / Airplane / Cycle Cleaning
    • Extremely Durable - Able to Withstand Hundreds or Even Thousands of Uses with Proper Care